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Lender Sentinel

Program Basics

Lender Sentinel is a patented asset valuation and risk assessment software program.  Valuation and analysis  capabilities are built around the lending institutions actual data, local market indices from peer data and local  appraisers. Lender Sentinel has been designed as a platform that supports electronic review of loans and  collateral for sensitivity to stress points and help the bank demonstrate its stability under regulatory scrutiny in  today’s challenging environment.   
Lender Sentinel provides immediate access to specific portfolio characteristics without the need to delve into  tedious review of source documents. Dynamic adjustment of tolerances and reporting capabilities provide a  proactive portfolio management capability never before available to individual institutions. These built-in features empower staff and turn individual data into institutional knowledge; a critical benefit in today’s political and economic environment.

System Features

Lender Sentinel offers a sophisticated, easy to use portfolio examination tool that:

  • Inspects local aspects and geographical concentrations of
    • Commercial Loans
    • Residential Mortgages
  • Measure Concentration and weighted risk relative to
    • Geographic location
    • Property Use
    • NAICS
    • Loan Purpose
    • Loan Officer
    • More….
  • Permits Current Loan to Value assessment which is
    • Dynamically updated
    • Reflective of market and client changes
  • Indicator of increased risk by performing portfolio Stress and Shock Testing to track
    • Interest Rate Risk
    • Debt Service Coverage
    • Loan to Value
    • Sensitivities  


  • Save money reviewing your portfolio loans.
  • Track completeness and validate borrower supplied I & E.
  • Ability to dynamically analyze portfolio components.
  • Stress & check proposed loan sensitivities versus current portfolio and marketplace indices.
  • Supports requirements to be knowledgeable of market conditions and trends by sharing market indices with participating peers.  

Contact:  Steve Falconer – 603-434-2114
Lender Sentinel, Inc.